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For a team to succeed, members need to play the appropriate role at the appropriate time. Most problems that develop in a team occur because team roles are not clearly defined. Supervisors and team leaders are not the only ones with special roles and responsibilities. Employees also must know what is expected of them and what they will be accountable for in their new environment. Understanding their role will enable them to take part actively in meetings, contribute ideas, provide suggestions, and get involved in the work.

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Individuals within a team have certain roles and may include:

  • Defining objectives and goals for the team

  • Planning activities and deadlines

  • Identifying potential risks

  • Motivating the team

  • Ensuring everyone communicates effectively

However, within every team there will always be disruptions that that might derail the team from achieving its objectives. Understanding these potential disruptors can help the team manage these disruptions more effectively, but also use these disruptions in a positive way to potentially contribute to innovative thinking, or breaking the ice in difficult or stressful times. Understanding the team’s disruptors is as important as understanding everyone’s contributing role within a team.

Diversity = Strength

Disruption = Innovation

Team Contributors

Maintainer They prefer routine and structure, ensuring the project does not stand still. They are usually the ones that everyone goes to when they need to know where the project is at because they are constantly maintaining the daily flow of work.

Perfectionist They are the quality assurance contributor in the team, focusing on ensuring the solution adheres to the highest standards and will be the one who gives the final "OK" after the project has been completed to ensure perfection.

Organiser They like to plan and organise activities, ensuring projects are carefully planned, resources are allocated and deadlines are met. They ensure that timeliness is adhere to by everyone in the team.

Leader They guide the team and will probably enjoy taking the lead on projects, enjoys motivating others and inspiring the team to perform. They value the input of team members and accepts the responsibility of making the final decision.

Innovator Coming up with new and innovative ideas, always thinking creatively and producing original concepts. They have a need to improve things and will usually think outside of the box to find a solution.

Communicator They enjoy communicating with others and sharing their ideas with the team. They enjoy giving advice and sharing information that will help the team gain better understanding of what is required.

Realist The practical contributor of the team, always looking for pragmatic solutions and analysing the pros and cons of a solution. They are the go-to guy in the team to test whether solutions will actually work in the real world.

Marketer The client relationship builder and the marketing guru, likes to interact with clients and build new relationships. They understand the world of people the needs of the client. They understand the need is will suggest possible solutions to address these.

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